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"send-or-receive crypto"


You need to have crypto already stored in a wallet.


Hot Tip

You can have many wallets. E.g. one at coinbase another at blockfi, and send crypto between them

  • First you need to have a wallet. See our "Get Some Crypto" page on how to get a wallet. 

  • Second you need to have some crypto in that wallet to send. Also see our "Get Some Crypto" page on how to get a wallet

Obtain the address of the wallet you want to send your crypto to ("receiving" wallet)

Step 1

Hot Tip

Avoid typing/writing addresses as this is error prone, instead copy and paste addresses

Sending to someone else

1a. Every wallet app will have the send or receive crypto section. In that section the app would provide an address to "receive" crypto. The receiver should find and copy this address

Sending to Yourself

1b. Same  as as step 1a above. But note that you need to have two different wallets to do this. You cannot send crypto from the same wallet to itself.  You could have a Coinbase Wallet and a wallet for example and send between the two


Heads Up.

There is typically a different receiving address for each type of crypto. Make sure to copy the specific address for the crypto you want to receive. For example the address to receive Bitcoin is usually different from the address to receive Ether even though they are held in the same wallet.

Send the crypto from the "sending wallet"

Step 2

Hot Tip

Watch out for fees. Wallets deduct some amount  from the "sender's account or from the amount being sent 

1. Every wallet app will have a withdraw funds/crypto section. In that section the app would provide an option to "withdraw" or "send" crypto.  Choose the c

2. Choose the crypto you want to send


3. It would provide a section to "paste" the receiver's address  Paste the receiver's address

4. Click the Send or Withdraw Button

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