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what is crypto?

Updated: May 15, 2021

In response to being introduced to our website ( some responded with this..

"I'm yet to understand what crypto is about...

I know it's some form of currency but all this about trading in it

remains vague and incomprehensible to me."

If you are reading this you can probably relate! Here is the analogy I used to help explain...

"Do you remember going to an amusement park or arcade center when you were growing up?

At the amusement park, in order to ride any of the rides or play any of the games, you go up to a machine, put some dollars in and it gives you some "coins" or "tickets" which you can then use to ride the rides or play the games.

Well if you imagine the entire world is one big amusement park or arcade center,

Then crypto would be the coins or tickets that you get in order to ride the rides or play the games. The only difference is that we don't print out the tickets or hand you the coins... we just record that we gave you coins on a giant spreadsheet called a blockchain

This explanation is by no means robust or complete but it's a start. We're curious, what analogies have you used to explain crypto to others?

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