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Me Encanta... Bitcoin Pizza & Bitcoin Indy Car

Note: I've often found crypto news stories to be unclear in terms of what it means for a crypto user. The purpose of this section of the blog is to do just that - translate what key news stories actually mean from the standpoint of a "user" of crypto.

Me Encanta!!!

I don't speak much spanish at all but... Me Encanta ("I'm loving it") was the only appropriate term for me to use to describe hearing about "bitcoin pizza" and "bitcoin Indy car"

The super short version of the stories

  • Anthony Pompliano is launching bitcoin pizza as a pilot in select cities. Profits will go to a development fund that helps advance bitcoin and human rights. Details here

  • Ed Carpenter will have an Indy Car sponsored by bitcoin. Details here

As a crypto user... SO what

If you transact

  • Sorry! you can't buy the pizza with crypto. (you can use your crypto debit card though - Read about this here)

If you invest

  • Sorry! not seeing any value today to you from this... but see below for future value

If you're an enthusiast

  • The investment of bitcoin pizza profits into a fund focused on further development of bitcoin is the kind of thing we want to see.

  • Second, and more importantly, this is a signal that bitcoin (and by extension crypto) is going more and more mass market.

People are more willing to use the "bitcoin" brand on things

--> because more people know about it,

--> which means even more people will know about it,

--> which means more people will be willing to use or buy it

--> which is good for crypto users, investors and enthusiasts alike

Me Encanta!!!

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