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I made an nft... in like 2 minutes, couldn't list it though...

Difficulty Level - Easy

Its our tenth post in the "I did what with crypto" series...

  • In our first post (click here)... we bought skittles from a physical store

  • In our second post (click here)... we went online shopping

  • In our third post (click here)... we paid rent to my landlord..

  • In our fourth post (click here)... we donated to the red cross

  • In our fifth post (click here)... we used dogecoin to buy Ice cream

  • In our sixth post (click here)... we used paypal's pay with crypto feature

  • In our seventh post (click here)... we bought starbucks with bitcoin (using baakt)

  • In our eight post (click here)... we bought ice cream and earned bitcoin

  • In our ninth post (click here)... we got paid in bitcoin!

My Ingredients

  • Opensea

  • A wallet compatible with Opensea (i used metamask)

  • An image/picture

The rest of the story - How it works

1. I downloaded metamask, created a wallet. Simply go to and download the app. If you are using chrome it's just an extension to your browser.

Once you have downloaded metamask, follow the prompts to create a wallet (or import your wallet if you previously had one

2. Connect your wallet to Opensea. Go to and click the connect wallet button in the top right; select your wallet (in my case metamask), and connect your wallet to opensea. Note: if you have no funds, open sea will give you the opportunity to add funds by buying ETH using your debit or credit card

3. Click Create and follow the on screen prompts to add your image, description and so on...

3. Thats it... My NFT is here... Stablecoin Intro Crypto bullet I unfortunately couldn't list it because the gas fees were too high...

So what?

I dunno its fun... NFTs are beginning to and are expected to have all kinds of applications for content creators, gamers, the metaverse, memberships and so on... We shall see!!

How it needs to get better?

I could not list this NFT for sale because the gas fees required to list it were astronomical... Perhaps because i was using the Ethereum blockchain... Maybe solana would be cheapers?

Now you!!!

Leave me a message, or better... go do something... anything with crypto and tell us about it...maybe we will even post your story in this series!!

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