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I bought skittles with my crypto debit card

Difficulty Level - Eaaaaaasssyyyyy

Its my first post in the "I did what with crypto" series... and my first official purchase with my crypto debit card by is.....


My Ingredients

  • A crypto wallet with

  • A crypto debit card that accompanies the crypto wallet in #1

  • Some money (In my case $126) in a crypto called USDC stored in wallet in #1

  • Any grocery or convenience store (in my case Rite aid)

The rest of the story - How it works

  1. Over time I had bought/accumulated about 126 USDC which is $126 in my (USDC is a crypto that is designed to maintain a static price; meaning that 1 USDC always equals 1 US Dollar ALWAYS

  2. In the app I converted this 126 USDC to 126 US Dollars and put it into my crypto debit card wallet in the app... so it was ready for spend

  3. I drove to a Rite Aid store (but this can be any store)

  4. I found some skittles, swiped my debit card at the cashier and Voila! I have my skittles

So what?

I can actually use crypto (specifically my debit card) to buy anything that i can use my regular debit/credit card for.

How it needs to get better?

My main issue here is that it's a little awkward that after buying crypto with dollars, i then reconvert my crypto into dollars myself before spending. I need options that convert the crypto to dollars behind the scenes or merchants that just accept crypto so it saves me a step.

Also.. If i could get my paycheck in crypto from the start :) that saves me the step of having to buy crypto at all. This is coming... some NFL players have started requesting to be paid in bitcoin... I'd prefer to be paid in something more stable like USDC or USDT but... to each his/her own...

Now you!!!

Leave me a message, or better... go do something... anything with crypto and tell us about it...maybe we will even post your story in this series!!

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