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Head2Head: I put $100 each into a Crypto savings acct AND Regular savings acct... and crypto WINS!!!

(P.S. this is our second post in the head to head series. Check out the first post here. Its a high level view of the crypto equivalent of many existing traditional financial services)

Alright people! It’s a head to head battle between:


Ok lets get to the deets...

On July 1st : The investment

  • BLUE CORNER: I bought 100 USDC (equivalent of $100) & deposited it in Celsius Account

  • RED CORNER: I deposited $100 in a savings account in Varo

On July 31st : The returns

  • BLUE CORNER: At the end of the month I now have 100.49 USDC

  • RED CORNER: At the end of the month i now have $100.02

In short: The crypto account earned 0.49 USDC (equivalent of 0.49 cents) while the regular savings account earned 2 cents.

Lets talk this one a bit further....

The crypto interest account earned $0.49 which is 47 cents more than the regular savings account (which earned $0.02). Now, 47 cents seems like a small number but that’s more than 23x or 2300% more, which makes a huge difference when investing large sums of money.

For example Let’s assume I deposited $100,000. In one month,

  • With Crypto savings I would have earned $490

  • With the regular savings account I would have warned $20

Two things should stand out:

  1. $490 a month!!!!! This interest rate is roughly 8.88% a year.

  2. You’re earning $470 more a month with crypto than with a standard savings account.


One public service announcement. I specifically chose To buy and save USDC because it’s a stablecoin (I.e. always 1:1 with the dollar) that gets audited every month by Grant Thornton and results publicly posted. Not all cryptos are “stablecoins” and not all cryptos and stablecoins are this transparent.

Enough said. That’s the post!

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