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Decide where you want to store your crypto

Step 1

Hot Tip

Think of a wallet online purse or piggy bank where you store crypto money

Get an online “Wallet” to store your crypto:

  1. Go to

  2. Download the coinbase wallet app

  3. Sign up and create an account

There are many other wallet options... but lets not make this confusing.. You can always add, or change later!

Find a place that sells crypto

Step 2

Hot Tip

For now, start with a platform you already use..e.g if you already have paypal start there

Here are a few that many new crypto users go to: 

Option One: Buy/Sell Only Platforms:  

Download/login to the Paypal, CashApp, Robinhood 

  • These are fine as long as you don’t plan to send your crypto to anyone or anywhere

Option Two: Do More Platforms:  

Download /login Coinbase, Gemini, Binance US App

  • These are better if you plan to, for example send crypto to a friend, or to another wallet you own

Choose the crypto you want to buy

Step 3

Hot Tip

To start, buy $50 or less worth of USDC and $50 or less worth of bitcoin. You can buy more later

Start by buying a small quantity of... 

Cryptos whose price are always $1 for 1 unit 

Look for two of the most popular stablecoins 

  • USDC (USDCoin)

  • USDT (Tether)


Later on you can but a small quantity of...

Cryptos whose price change:  

There are a so many options but the best known are:

  • BTC (Bitcoin)

  • Ether (Ether)

Provide funds through a payment method and buy crypto

Step 4

Hot Tip

There are often fees for using debit/ credit cards, alternatively banks transfers take longer 

Most platforms accept any major debit/credit card 

  • For example: Paypal, Coinbase, CashApp, Robinhood 


Some platforms also allow you to connect to your bank withdraw funds

  • For example: Binance US, Voyager 

Optional: Move your crypto to the wallet in Step 1

Step 5

Hot Tip

We have a different guide for sending crypto..if you're overwhelmed lets just take a break here

OPTIONAL: Usually the place you “buy” crypto allows you to hold your crypto in a wallet with them.


But if you so choose, you can send your crypto from the wallet at the location you bought the crypto, to another wallet.


Note: Paypal, Cash App, Robinhood do not allow users to send crypto. Users are limited to buying/selling crypto on their respective platforms for now

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