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Fact: Anything you can buy with regular money you can buy with crypto. It may take an extra step or two today, but in the future it will likely become easier.


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There are other ways including businesses that accept crypto but this is the most familiar 




This section is one that will grow over time as the various ways to spend crypto become easier but for now, the best way we've found is through

             Crypto Backed Debit Card

Find a wallet solution that offers a "Crypto Debit Card" and sign up for one

Step 1

Hot Tip

Many of these debit cards are oversubscribed so you may need to get on a waitlist

There are a few out there:

  1. Visa Card (Personal Favorite)

  2. Blockcard

  3. BlockFi (coming soon)

  4. Coinbase (coming soon)

  5. Nexo Card (coming soon)

  6. Gemini Card (coming soon)

In most cases, you will likely need to sign up for the provider's crypto wallet in order to get the debit card.

Receive your card 

Step 2

Hot Tip

Some providers like blockcard allow you to have both ayour "virtual" card and a physical card

After successful sign up, most providers will send you a card in the mail.


The card looks, acts, feels just like any regular visa or mastercard bank debit card. You and merchants cannot tell any difference. The difference is behind the scenes.

Fund your debit card with crypto

Step 3

Hot Tip

Some platforms will actually allow you to fund your debit card with regular money from your bank account too

You will need to fund the debit card account with crypto. 


You can do this by accessing the providers website where you signed up, logging in and  sending crypto to an address provided by the card provider.

See our Send or Receive Crypto guide for instructions on sending and receiving crypto.

Make funds available to spend

Step 4

Hot Tip 

The card pays merchants regular money but the provider allows the users to fund it with crypto

This is where the magic happens

All the platforms do it differently but...Once you have deposited crypto, there is usually a step or two required to convert the crypto to cash for spending. For example

  • When you swipe, blockcard automatically converts your crypto to cash that the merchant can use

  • on the other hand requires you to sell your crypto for cash and move it to the "Card" account where it can be spent

  • Methods may vary by provider

Swipe your crypto debit card at any merchant

Step 5

Hot Tip

It's only a matter of time before this becomes even simpler...Stick with it! The best is yet to come 

Once your card is funded, and funds are available to spend you can swipe your card at any merchant that accepts the network (i.e. visa or mastercard) supporting the card 

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